Italian A1 Self-study online course

Learn beginner-level Italian (A1)


1. First, click on "Go to course" at the bottom of the page. Save this link in your bookmarks.
2. Then select “EduGAIN”
3. Wait for a moment and a new page will open. Select: “Università degli Studi di Siena”
4. In the login boxes, type in your UnisiPass –  the username and password of the University of Siena

The course Italian A1 contains an introduction, a glossary, a grammar summary and 9 Units with audio and video activities and self-study quizzes.

To begin, you can follow the “Topic outline” at the top of the course home page – hold your mouse over each circle and follow the red arrows.
Or scroll down below the Topic outline and select: 
“Unit 0 – Introduction to the course”.

Many thanks to the E-LOCAL team – University of Bologna, Italy