Self-Study for Mono1/Mono2

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First of all, try to devise a realistic, weekly study plan, -  decide how much time you can spend studying and what you will study each day/week.


Grammar Practice and Revision
All students who have used Expert (First or Advanced) are advised to go through the grammar section at the back of the student’s book and do corresponding exercises in the Students Resource Book, if necessary repeating exercises.


Grammar Lab
Please use your grammar book MyGrammarLab to revise structures. Follow the instructions on the inside cover to enroll online and access more interactive practice.


There are also test books that you could buy for further practice:


There is also variety of online resources, such as

Flo-Joe: THE place on the web for Cambridge exam preparation

BBC Learning English: Towards Advanced Grammar Reference well as videos on the You Tube

Also free apps that you can download to your phone, such as English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy


Try to make a habit of reading something in English every day, like an online newspaper or magazine or try reading a novel you have already read and enjoyed in Italian in the past in English.




Highly recommended: Oxford Word Skills – Intermediate. This is a self-study vocabulary book that is well organized and provides self-testing review sections.


Try to devise a study plan now in preparation for your next mono exam, and write to your teacher if you are having any difficulties or, in the case of students preparing for mono 1, please send her/him any writing practice by email, which the teacher will correct and give feedback in her/his office hours: see Ricevimento Collaboratori Esperti Linguistici.
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